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Dunlop Solutions


Adding value by solving problems for individuals and businesses. 


My primary focus enables people to improve their financial literacy.  Through enhanced financial literacy individuals will be better equipped to make decisions that allow them to leave a legacy of wealth rather than being plagued with the burden of debt.  Various solutions are presented and implemented to create financial security, wealth accumulation, tax optimization, estate planning and more.


My consultancy service also provides timely and actionable advice to investors about the various aspect of Spacecraft systems, including associated risks from construction through to operation.

What is your mindset around the subject of money?  The Psychology of Money Intelligence reveals some truths on this subject. 


MindDev gives guidance to help you recondition your mind for success in any area including money.


Guidance and mentorship is provided in Canada and USA for you to achieve practical financial education and financial independence.

Financial Literacy


What is your belief around the way you think?  How much consistent effort do you invest in developing your mind? 


Your mind should be developed in several ways to have, do and become whatever you desire in life. 


MindDev was developed to help in this respect. 


In the world today, you need to put solid financial education into action to have time and money freedom. 

Accommodation is also provided in the form of rentals and holiday lets.  Rentals are in United Kingdom and Canada, while holiday let is in Costa Rica, in one of the five blue zones in the world. 


All properties are maintained at the highest standards.

Property is a great source of passive income and a great way to build wealth.  There are many advantages to owning property. 


How prepared are most people to purchase property in ways that work for them?

Holiday let

Spacecraft includes Satellite/Spacecraft, Rockets / Launch Vehicles, science missions studying other planets etc, the International Space System and anything else that leaves the earth atmosphere for one purpose or the other. 


Trevor Dunlop’s experience spans over twenty six (26) years and included all levels of engineering.  From developing payload devices through to Program Manager – Spacecraft Engineering Specialist. 


He provides valuable insights to investment management firms into opportunities and risk in the Spacecraft industry. 

you asked we answer

The core service area is Financial Education and awareness of options available to you, the public.

For Trevor, over four years helping families with financial education and solutions.

Over eighteen (18) years with Property Investment.

Over 26 years Spacecraft experience.

Over thirty eight (38) years applying the principles of success.

  • Mind development
  • Financial Education
  • Spacecraft consulting
  • Accommodation to rent when available

Yes, for financial education and solution implementation, full license is held in all provinces we operate.  Insurance is also maintained as required by law.

See the appropriate page for specific information on the particular area of interest.

There are some problems that we naturally would not be able to solve.  However, within reason every effort would be made to solve problems within the scope of our work. Note also, this requires your willingness to trust us and do your part.

Every case is different and time varies from client to client.  However, reasonable expectations will be established at the beginning.

Yes, changes will occur especially as we work with our clients over the long term.

ready to build your future?

Your future depends on the actions you take and when you start.  Delaying the start of taking action could be costly.


How committed are you to succeeding?