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Rental properties are currently in the United Kingdom and in Canada.  At this time, there are no vacancies.  We will post on this site, any accommodation becoming available.


All properties are maintained at the highest standards which adds to tenant satisfaction.


Property investment is a very good way to help you achieve passive income and ultimately, financial independence. 


It is however, important to understand exactly what you are doing as this could lead to serious challenges and major financial loss. 


Before getting involved in investment property, be sure to speak with a successful property investor who will provide unbiased information that will help you.

What would the ideal vacation be like for you?


For us, it is one with access to a great beach, close to nature, access to amazing food, lots of outdoor activities, safety, beautiful sceneries and most of all, rejuvenating one’s health.  In short, an exciting Blue Zone.


One of our properties is in one of the five (5) blue zones in the world; the Nicoya Peninsula.


To book your dream holiday and learn more, stay tuned for the launch of our website.

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Contact us with to let us know what accommodation you are seeking.  Properties are in Watford, United Kingdom and Ottawa, Canada.  None available at the moment but let us know if you are looking for something in these cities and we will let you know if or when something becomes available.

All properties could accommodate a family of four (4).  One would accommodate a larger family.

That property is currently undergoing further preparation work.  When it becomes available, it will be advertised at its dedicated website.  Stay tuned!

Advice is provided to our business partners and clients on and informal basis as extra help. 

We are able to do this as additional unofficial service to our clients and business partners. 

We are able to help our clients and business partners with this extra support, giving them access to reputable Realtors, Mortgage Agents and Lawyers.

Want to buy a house?

Let us discuss some options you have and how we may be able to help position you to buy a house.