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What are your thoughts around mindset?


Keeping it simple, mindset is the way you think about things.  This applies to everything, especially on the subjects of time and money.


What are your views on the importance of having the right mindset?


We are faced with many challenges and uncertainties in life.  What is your thought process about these challenges? 


Mindset can sometimes be considered as an abused word and yet has understated importance.  Having a wealthy/abundance/business mindset is critical to success in life.

Your way of thinking

Your thought process

What is your view on your mindset?


To help you answer this question, here are some simple questions to help you establish what mindset you have and likelihood of enjoying a healthy, happy and successful life.


What is your decision making process?  How much effort and time do you invest in developing your mind?  What meanings do you give to things you see or hear?  Who are the people in your circle of influence? What criteria do you use to determine if a person you meet is someone to have in or out of your circle of influence? How valid are these criteria? How were they established?


We very often have beliefs established since childhood.  Sometimes in adulthood based on our experiences.  The question is, because you have a particular belief, does in mean that it is right?  Are all of your beliefs right?  If all of your beliefs are right, then you are currently having the most amazing life or well on your way to this.  I would love for us to connect so we could find a way to collaborate to help others achieve the same. If this is not the case, then maybe, some of your beliefs might be flawed.  


There may be no need to question your beliefs.  However, to share an important message, your beliefs form part of the foundation of your mindset.  Challenging your beliefs continuously will help reveal some important truths.  You can then decide on the course of action to further develop your mind and transform your life.

Mind development for success

you asked we answer

Everything. Because your mindset is basically the way you think about things. When good happens, you may find the bad in it.  When something not so good happens, you may believe it is always this way for you. The more you think this way, the more things you don’t want will be drawn into your life.

Mindset is the source of all things that are drawn into your life.  Obeying the universal law of cause and effects, mindset is the cause and your life results is the effects.

Your see good in everything which results your good feelings, it empowers you and results in more good being drawn into your life.

Many unpleasant things in your life, which include misery, ill-health, disharmony, poor relationships, failures, financial challenges, low self confidence, low self esteem, low trust and more.

Only you could answer that question. If you have a closed mind, believe you know it all etc., then there is no hope.  If you are willing to learn and open your mind, then there is hope.

The largest burden is ego.  This is also extremely difficult for most people to give up.  If you want success and money in, then ego must go.

It means looking for the good in everything, having gratitude for everything and everyone. It means having respect for everyone and thinking beyond face value.  Having Wisdom and Faith.

Be careful about your associations. Shield your mind tightly from negative influences. Stop reading or listening to negative news and opinions.  Read mind development books. Use the material in MindDev and Psychology of Money Intelligence.  Always think constructively.

Developing the right mindset may not be easy if you are rigid in your approach.  The most important question is what is more important to you, being right or being healthy, happy and successful?  Sometimes it is one or the other.


There is great wealth waiting for you to be ready to receive it.  However, this will not come without sufficient effort on your part.  Working hard along is not sufficient.


Consistent efforts to develop yourself, mentally, spiritually and physically are important to achieving success.  There are no words to explain the feeling that true success brings.


Believe that you deserve success and all its benefits.  And start or continue pushing to enjoy this.

More on mind development?

MindDev was setup to help people recondition their minds to achieve success in life. 


Psychology of Money Intelligence was also setup to help unravel the thoughts around money.