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Are you experiencing a Finance problem or a Mindset problem?  How do you know which problem you are experiencing?


Most people believe when they do not have adequate money or are struggling financially that the problem is actually money.  How surprised are you to learn that the reality is most often the opposite?


Understanding this is very critical because to find the right solution, you must address the correct problem.

Be courageous with your questions

You must ask yourself bold questions to understand if you have the right mindset.



Self honesty is crucial for anyone to be able to help you.  Answer your questions honestly and obtain unbiased help to confirm your answers.  


Be prepared to accept the truth, even if it is painful, shameful and difficult to handle.  Without the truth, nothing will work, even if you win the lottery.


Courage to accept the truth is the first step to your success.

Having a wealthy mindset does not necessarily mean you will have a lot of money.  Mindset alone is not sufficient to receive and keep a lot of money but it is a vital component.


Financial Intelligence has become a must in the current age.  Without this, you are destined for a life of struggle, debt, poor health and ultimately poverty. 


Well-developed emotional and financial intelligence combined with the right mentality will lead you on a path towards financial independence.

desire will be necessary

you asked we answer

A simple way to understand is to evaluate how you make your decisions.  If your decision making process is to rely heavily on pass experiences, read reviews and/or listening to other people’s opinions, then you may have  a mindset problem.

Then you would have to address this to have any hope of solving your financial problems.  Psychology of Money Intelligence was created to help with this.

Burning desire to achieve this is the starting point.  A positive mental attitude is the next critical step.  You may also need to adjust your associations. 

Psychology of Money Intelligence and MindDev are setup to help with solving mindset problems.

In the majority of cases, the short answer is No.  Most people with this problem think and operate as though the problem is everyone else.  Because of this, they cannot see the problem and therefore, stand in the way of the solution(s).

It depends on the actual financial help you need.  A brief conversation would help us to understand this.

There is no cost for the financial education we provide.  However, we will only be working with people who are serious about getting their finances right, have high integrity, honest, trustworthy and have respect of each other’s time.

Yes, we are licensed in all provinces in which we conduct business and have Errors and Omissions Insurance as added protection for the public we serve.

Book a brief discussion to help us understand what you are looking for and how we may be able to help you.

Book a brief discussion if you are committed to solving your financial problems.


It is important that you are a person of high integrity, respect, trustworthy, honest and value one another’s time.


With these basic values of a decent person, much would be achieved.


As are licensed professionals in Canada and have access to over 70 financial institutions giving our clients access to the best solutions, full flexibility and no conflicts of interest.

ready to secure your future?

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