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The world of space includes Spacecraft (or Satellite), Rockets (or Launch Vehicles), science missions studying other planets etc, the International Space System and anything else that leaves the earth atmosphere for one purpose or the other. Ground Systems also play an important role as this serves to connect the spacecraft to systems or services on earth. 


As one can imagine, there is always a drive for absolute perfection as each of these missions costs tens or hundreds of millions of dollars and if a major failure occurs, it would be the end of the mission. 

Ground System


Launch Vehicle

Experience span over twenty six (26) years and included all levels of engineering.  From developing payload devices through to Program Manager – Spacecraft Engineering Specialist. 


Some roles include Systems Manager and Engineering Manager in the design, analysis, construction and test of Spacecraft Payloads.

Various major successes were achieved which led to the completion of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification after completing course and improvement projects to save the organization over £500,000 annually. 

Though I love Spacecraft and truly enjoyed the challenges, currently, it is not my major focus.  


Recognizing that organization would receive quite an advantage from communicating with me on matters relating to spacecraft, I am okay consulting to provide advice based on my expertise for short periods; minutes or a few hours occasionally. 


For details of my relevant experience, please see my LinkedIn profile; Trevor Dunlop, MCP, CEng, MIET

Spacecraft systems

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Short one (2) to two (2) hour sessions answering your questions to help you make qualitative decisions relating to risk, operation, investments of spacecraft.

Please view my LinkedIn profile (Trevor Dunlop, MCP, CEng, MIET) to get a better insight into my experience and accomplishment. Further information could be provided during the first consultation.

I could advise on all aspects of spacecraft as I performed this responsibility for over five years.  I assessed spacecraft manufactured by all the major spacecraft manufacturers in the world.  The same for spacecraft operators.  Detailed assessments of launch vehicles were also completed.  Assessments also included on orbit operation, operating life, service availability and more.  Total hands on expertise in Payloads (and Payload equipment) from design through to on orbit operation.

Generally 12 noon to 2:00 pm EST on weekdays.

Please refer to the rate agreed with the consulting firm through which I offer my service.

Currently my services are offered through GLG, Capvision, Guidepoint and Noble Insights.  To secure time to speak with me, inform the consulting firm that you would like to speak with me directly.

My consulting support is currently offered to organizations investing in spacecraft or spacecraft operators or manufacturers.  These are for short period with minimum consulting duration.  My aim is always to provide maximum value on all consultations.  


In addition to hands on engineering and leadership experience, having over five (5) years unique experience completing technical assessments for all types of spacecraft to provide advice to client on the level of risk associated with various missions, is quite valuable for investor.  

Invest with confidence

For a well managed efficient and confidential process, please speak with the firm that is providing experts for your consulting requests.  They will reach out to me.  Thanks.