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How would you feel about conducting business by building trust for a long term working relationship? What would be your thoughts on a no pressure process, which focuses on educating you on your options?  How about access to over 70 financial institutions across Canada and the USA?


The Finance industry is the most heavily regulated industry with serious regulations and licensing requirements.  I am licensed in the provinces in which I serve my clients, and I operate through the largest and most reputable business platform, Managing General Agent in Canada.

compliance to strict regulations

long term relationships

relationships built on trust


To conduct my finance business, I are required by law, to be registered through a Managing General Agent (MGA).  MGA helps with compliance, alignment with government regulations and most importantly, access to financial institutions.  


The more financial institutions an agent has access to, the greater the options for the client and the lower the conflicts of interest.  This translates to better value of service and results for the client.


I am therefore registered through the World Financial Group (WFG) business platform.

More than 91% of Canadians would not be able to retire with dignity, and a similar figure in the USA.  See the wealth inequality in Canada.


What is the results to clients and business owners if an organization’s focused is on educating and empowering people’s lives?


Empowering others through financial intelligence, true wealth and economic strength is I preferred method of expressing gratitude for the blessings I have received.

Focus is empowerment

No one at Dunlop Solutions is an employee of World Financial Group (WFG).


WFG has no ownership in Dunlop Solution, and Dunlop Solutions has no ownership of WFG.


Our finance business is conducted on WFG business platform.


The service I provide to my clients is unquestionably most valuable to their long term benefit and success.

you asked we answer

I provide complete financial education and coaching to help people make good decisions to build wealth in a tax efficient way, protect their valuable assets and leave a legacy of wealth instead of a legacy of debt.

My financial coaching is free for those I choose to work with.  This reason explains the importance of working with people who have high integrity, respect and are ultimately, trustworthy.

I would be happy to respectfully discuss an approach you may view as better.  My objective is to help people with the best that is available in North America.  From the assessments done, WFG has so far, proven to be the best in various respect.  It provides access to significant range of top rated products and services.  I guess this explains why WFG is the largest MGA in Canada and the fastest growing in North America.

I am not an employee of WFG.  I am a business owner and conduct my finance business through WFG business platform.  As a Life Licensed professional, I am required by law to register with the government through a Management General Agent (MGA).

Some simple questions come to mind.  Are the negative reviews due to WFG misconduct or are they due to Agents misconduct?  Is it possible for you to enjoy the benefits of what is offered while avoiding the unfortunate experiences of some others?  If yes, then what do you have to lose?  Remember, Agents misconduct is not a reflection of WFG and certainly not a reflection of how I conduct my business.

My approach is very simple.  I want to use the best to help families achieve financial security, so I go for the best.  After understanding the value and benefits offered by WFG business platform, I remain forever thankful that my request to conduct my financial business on this platform, was accepted by my senior business partner and qualified by WFG. These are unknowingly necessary for a person to be able to conduct business on WFG business platform.

Why not give me a chance to prove my trustworthiness. One catch, you have to honestly let me know if I do not do what I said I will do. 


Also, if or when proper research is conducted, you would faster trust me or other agents on WFG platform over agents on many other platforms.  Reading the book, THE TRUTH ABOUT WORLD FINANCIAL GROUP by Steve Siebold would help.  It was complied after thirteen (13) years independent research into the Good, Bad and Ugly about WFG.

World class financial education and coaching, personal development, leadership development and access to the best financial institutions in North America, the power of choice to achieve financial independence and leave a legacy of wealth instead of a legacy of debt.  Also possibly unique to me, is the analytical ability and attention to detail, brought over from spacecraft engineering.

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